“Pilates transform the body in one month. Lengthens the spine, strengthens core muscles and correct posture. A personalized class is 1000 times better so that you have a personalized experience with detailed and maximum results.”

~ Laure Merat

“Gabriela you have taught me how to créate an inner sanctuary of awareness o in the here and now. My body has changed and I love your professional and loving space.”

~ Livi Herrera

“Thank-you for introducing me to Pilates. The way you personalize the class makes it fun and results are immediate. I love your class thank you for your dedication and professionalism.”

~ Adriana Ruiz

“I love your hot pilates class. You have a control and caring holding of space for the group as well as being motivational. I think you have a lot of experience in everything related to postures and the body and it is reflected on your persona. Another thing I love is that you are very aware of me in class. Even in a group class I feel like I have my own personal trainer, while you are taking care of everyone”

~ Carmen, teacher and housewife

I am 77 years old. I had Private sessions with Gabriela and she designed every meeting with great care and respect for me and my needs.Sometimes she pushed me hard ,other times she helped me to relax.I became much stronger, much more agile, and even more confident.My wife and friends hace noticed the  difference in me.Its no overstatement to say that Gabriela changed my life.

William O Roberts Junior NYS