Benefits of Hot Pilates

Inferno HIIT Hot Pilates

A training system which combines pilates principles with high intensity tabata interval training. This improves metabolism and continues burning calories even after class. This new style of pilates is the latest evolution in pilates.

It works and creates quick visible results.
And its fun and energizing.!!
It is an intense full body workout.
It creates long lean muscle mass, burns fat and increases fitness levels.
It creates a stronger core and improves circulation.

It is performed on a yoga mat making it zero impact therefore protecting your joints and muscles from the pounding of other exercises.

Heat loosens the muscles and makes you sweat elevating your heart rate and promoting more fat burn.

The high intensity interval training keeps your heart rate up , helping you burn fat pilates principles sculpt your body creating long lean muscle mass.

Dancing Under Water

This is my recent favourite video.

Water Water Water

We are made up approximately 70% of water.

I feel alive with movement; movement makes me feel alive and anything that moves me makes me feel alive.

I know you do too.

Come and move your body your soul your mind whatever moves you,

allow it to flow…..and feel the ocean inside of you.

To Dance is to Flow…..Just Move…..

Yes dance is my biggest inspiration, but not only dancers but the intrinsic natural movement we are all born with that gets distorted along the way..there is great admiration in the athleticism of dancers, but so too in us, to keep moving, despite age and obstacles, just to keep moving in any form, allowing the vital life force that flows through us to continue to flow….

Body Lotus embraces all dances. All movements, from Yin Yoga, to Qi Gong, to Flamenco, to any kind of dancing..the thing is to keep moving and flowing….despite the artistic and inspirational connotations it may have .. the beauty of it all is that its the healthiest way to be, proven and proven again by studies that say the dancing is the best way to prevent dementia,  alzeihmers, depression….etc… more so  than normal exercise. 

Because dancing embraces it all, analytical, movement, artistry all together to make us whole and flow…in our natural states of joy and feeling.