About Me

Gabriela grew up in England, where she received BA in 1972 from the London School of Contemporary Dance. Throughout her career in contemporary dance, ballet and choreography she experienced many techniques. She first started practicing Pilates as complements to her art. While in England she certified herself as a Pilates teacher with Alan Herman, a pioneer in Pilates in the U.K. Further on she has developed in many teacher trainings, with Philip Beamish for the Floor Barre technique, more contemporary forms of Yoga with teachers such as Shiva Rea (intensive Trance Dance training) and more recently Yin Yoga. 

Considered a Master Teacher and member of the Pilates Method Alliance she is continually updating her studies on all the latest developments in Pilates.

More recently studying and working with clients who have suffered some kind of trauma or illness such as cancer and helping with the healing and recovery process.

Gabriela is the daughter of a renowned theatre director and multifaceted artist Juan José Gurrola and an iconic mother, Pixie. Since her childhood she has been exposed to all kinds of art expressions. Later, she worked in theatre, opera and fashion, bringing artistry and style to all her endeavours. From this we can sense her eye for beauty and harmony, her desire to bring art in everyday life.

Her passion for movement, acting, touching souls and healing arts. The desire to share this with others and improve overall well being has brought her to this point today. Join her in the beauty of movement.